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Creating Accessible Events 

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We've joined forces with Catherine Grinyer at Attendable and Swagable, to bring an innovative and much-needed accessibility programme to the events industry. 

Based on our experience of delivering accessibility at events over two decades, we will take you through a range of informative, practical, engaging best-practice sessions that will give your teams the skills and know-how they need to create and deliver more accessible events.

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Tap into our expertise

Over the last two decades we’ve pioneered and championed accessibility at events.


From the delivery of industry-leading captions and sign language interpretation to event management and production, we strive for

every type of event we work on to be accessible to all.


In fact, we believe EVERY event should be accessible for everyone.


We can’t work on them all, but we can share our knowledge, experiences and expertise and contacts so you can create and deliver accessible events too.


We’ll show you why and how your next event needs to be accessible –

and what your business stands to gain.

Your team, your way

Every organisation is different, we all learn differently and you know your team best. You can book our sessions as an online or onsite programme, 

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+44 203 443 9009

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