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Sharing the Keys to Inclusivity with Accessible All Areas

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In a ground-breaking initiative designed to transform the events industry, “Accessible All Areas” is launching an accessibility programme aimed at upskilling event professionals in disability inclusion. With over two decades of pioneering work in event accessibility, Orla Pearson, Co-Founder of MyClearText and AccessLOOP and Catherine Grinyer, Founder of Attendable and Swagable, are set to share their unparalleled expertise to make events universally accessible.


Accessibility in event extends beyond physical adjustments; it encompasses a holistic approach to inclusivity, ensuring that all attendees, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate and engage. The service focuses on practical, actionable strategies covering everything from accessible web design and ticketing platforms to working with disabled speakers and ensuring all event communications are inclusive.


The necessity for such a service is underscored by pressing statistics: in the UK, one in five people has a disability, representing a significant portion of the potential audience for any event. Moreover, the legal framework, including the Equality Act 2010, mandates reasonable adjustments to prevent disability discrimination. Yet, the implementation of comprehensive accessibility measures remains inconsistent across the industry.


“Accessible All Areas” aims to bridge this gap by providing event organisers with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to create truly inclusive environments. The programme includes workshops, webinars, and personalised consultancy, covering the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of event accessibility, from legal requirements and the business case to practical adjustments and budgeting for inclusivity.


The launch of “Accessible All Areas” marks a pivotal moment in the UK events industry’s journey towards inclusivity. By equipping professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, the service not only enhances the experience for disabled or neurodivergent attendees but also opens events up to a wider audience, driving both social and economic benefits.


As the UK continues to champion diversity and inclusion, “Accessible All Areas” stands at the forefront, ensuring that accessibility is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of event planning. For event organisers, production companies and those in the industry committed to inclusivity, this service offers an invaluable resource to make their events accessible to all.


Orla Pearson and Catherine Grinyer will be sharing a snapshot of “Accessible All Areas” at International Confex on the 29th February 2024. You can see them on the People and Culture Theatre at 14:50 – 15:30pm at Excel London.

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